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25X-200X HD USB Digital Electron Microscope

200 times the high-definition digital microscope Electron Microscope USB Microscope

Instructions for use:

First, insert the USB interface.

Second, install the driver.

Third, from the "Start" menu in the "USB Digital Microscope" open "AM Cap"; after the operation can start the (first installation to set this: open the Options menu of the software preview).

Fourth, align the microscope to enlarge the site (on the surface of the product.).

Fifth, the adjustment of the rotation axis, to the appropriate focus (to the left is the 200X, to the right is the 25X). Sixth, Save Picture As (JPG or BMP).



Industrial inspection, testing computer components, telecommunications component testing, scientific teaching tools, laboratory research, medical analysis, School of tools, insect anatomy / examination Plant dissection / examination, skin check, scalp check, textile testing, Jewelry inspection, collection / coin inspection, printing inspection, reading help


1. Image sensors: real 1.3 million pixels.

2. The controller: a new generation of ultra-high speed DSP.

3. Lens: 25 times and 200 times biaxial micro lens

4. The focal length range: Adjustable 0mm-40mm.

5. Camera: software and hardware (can be).

6. Video, image pixel interception: 1280 * 1024,640 * 480,480 * 320,320 * 240.

7. The lens speed: 30f / s at a brightness of 600 LUX light.

8. Flash Control: 50Hz/60 Hz

9. The video format: AVI

10. Light source: 10 million hours of white LED, you can manually adjust the control of light and dark lighting

11. Magnification: 25 times and 200 times

12. Power supply: USB Interface (5V DC)

13. Software compatibility: TWAIN / VFW, etc.

14. Hardware requirements: Pentium above, 20M hard disk, CM ROM drive, 128MB RAM, Direct X VGA Card.

15. Computer interface: USB2.0 and USB1.0

16. The operating system: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7

17. Product-inch foot: 112MM (length) x33MM (diameter)

18. Parts: a frame, an English manual, a CD driver, box.

19. Appearance of color: silver.

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